Khyah Rei - Vocals

Jodi Huettner - Keys + Vocals

Steve Williams - Guitar +Vocals

Stuart MacNeill - Bass

Gabriel Yorston - Congas + Percussion

Alex Babneau - Drums


Origin:  Vancouver, BC, Canada


Genres:  Funk, Soul, Pop, Disco


Years Active:  2011- Present


Website: deepseated.ca



Energised Funk-Soul-Pop-Disco-Jazz to widen eyes, smiles and horizons. DEEP//SEATED tones change brain chemistry and dancing abilities. Caution is advised when operating machinery and listening to DEEP//SEATED simultaneously.

DEEP//SEATED's attention-grabbing songs provoke and caress. Songs like the demanding funk-riff heavy 'R U Ready?' confront and the summer-time, sunshine-hugging, pop-funk 'All Good' loves you like a friend. Positivity abounds from the stadium-pop and classic soul mixed 'Stand' while the dark and jazz-sexy funk of "Burnin'" cries angst and then gives the rush of release. And then there's the unbridled optimism of the universe-opening, funk-disco-pop of 'Nu-Funk-On".

DEEP//SEATED met in Vancouver from many paths of Canadian and International origins. Formed in 2011, DEEP//SEATED played their first live gig in Vancouver's well known quality music venue, The Yale, to a great reception and have morphed over the years from a funk covers band playing the likes of Jamiraquoi, Tom Browne, Kool and the Gang, Brand New Heavies, James Brown, Incognito(UK) to become an original funk entity.

DEEP//SEATED have been honored to share the stage with incredible Vancouver bands and talent over the years. Talent like Dawn Pemberton, BJ Block, Tonye Aganabe and The Foundation and The Unified at venues like The Waldorf, The Fan Club, The Railway, The Biltmore, and The Fairview.


DEEP//SEATED have also performed at many outdoor festivals within the greater Vancouver area and Lower BC Mainland.


DEEP//SEATED were hand-picked for a special assignment of a funk wedding. While the band prefer not to divulge any secrets it is thought that their music may have caused the first child.

"Our mission is to change your brain," bandleader, Steve Funk-Uh, says. "We'll make the world brighter, with love, fun(k) and togetherness. That's what we're doing; one gig at a time.


Feel the Funk."


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Steve - funk@deepseated.ca